The Stichting Akkoord Slotervaartziekenhuis (Plan Slotervaartziekenhuis Foundation) has made the first, and largest, payment to the unsecured creditors in accordance with the confirmed plan. A few creditors have not provided necessary information yet (such as a copy of a bank account statement and/or contact details). These creditors will only receive payment upon receipt of such information. By the end of 2020, the Stichting will assess to what extent follow up payments can take place and will notify the creditors accordingly.

Unsecured creditors that have not done so already can file their claims until 1 October 2020. These claims will, if and when verified, be taken into account as much as possible. Claims can be filed by email:

The Stichting Akkoord Slotervaartziekenhuis can only be reached by sending an email to